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ViViD rating

Which ViViD member are you?

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Which ViViD member are you?
This is the ViViD rating community.

What is it?

That's simple! You answer a few questions and other people tell you which member of ViViD you remind them of! So, do you know which one of them are you? If you replied "yes", read everything down there before posting an entry...

General rules:
1. The community is friend locked. You have to join to see all entries.
2. You can post ONLY stamp entries, so no comm advertisements and such things, please. If you want to affiliate, PM ladyrevania, please.
3. No explicit content, porn, pictures of your naked cat. You know what I mean.
4. Type in complete sentences, please. Don't use chat speech, because it's difficult to understand it.
5. Vote for the other people too!
6. If there are any mistakes (we aren't native english speakers) and it bothers you, tell us about it and we will fix them ASAP!

Posting rules:
1. Copy and paste this code, then fill it (it would be nice if you posted explanations of your choices. More=better.):

2. The title of the entry doesn't matter, it can be anything.
3. TAG YOUR ENTRY!!! Use the tag "unstamped", please.

Voting rules:
1. After getting 6 votes from different people you will be stamped (we will change the tag to "stamped: member name"). It's possible to be stamped before getting 6 votes if majority votes for the same person (live 3-4 votes, when the result is obvious).
2. If there's a tie, you have to wait for more votes, until there will be enough to stamp you.
3. One vote for one person.
4. Bold the name of the member you're voting for. It will be easier to count them that way.
5. If you get 6 votes and no tie, PM one of the mods and ask them to stamp you. Title your message as "Stamp me!" and send a link to your entry.

Our banner: (we would love some advertising!)


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PM ladyrevania if you want to see the link to your comm here!
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